8.3 Overall Score
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 8/10
Playability: 7/10

Colorful graphics and many kinds of dragons!

The build and wait style game is limiting but addicting at the same time

Step aside Farmville, DragonVale is here! DragonVale is clearly for the fantasy kid in you. Warning, if you don’t like the build and wait type of game this is not for you! This is essentially a non violent breeding game. It is free on most mobile devices, I played with the iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone versions. The is basically about breeding or buying all kinds of cool dragons. It is also about doing quests and leveling up your player. When you level up you can get new types of dragons, build new islands, gain more quests, and habitats. I also love how you can get food and level up your dragons by feeding them. When your dragons level up, you get more money! This game is great for all kids and the graphics are absolutely beautiful.

The Good:

  • I like how you breed certain dragons to get better dragons
  • You can check out your friends world and tap on the party hats to get money
  • When you destroy rocks and trees and place down buildings it gives you XP

The Bad:

  • When you get a boost and the opposite of that effect is -20
  • You get gems only from buying them, some trophies, and Gem Dragons
  • You can’t give presents or trade with other friends, this to me is a must have!

GAME NAME: DragonVale

DEVELOPER(S): Backflip Studios

PLATFORM(S): iPhone,iPad

RELEASE DATE(S): Update Nov 26, 2012

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One Comment on "DragonVale"

  1. TheNerdNight April 4, 2013 at 11:34 am - Reply

    Great review, Nate! I came to this site from your Dad’s to check out the leetpress theme, which I really like by the way. Keep up the game reviews, and you’ll be working for Kotaku some day!

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