Zombie Driver HD

8.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Playability: 7/10

Lots of zombie killing and unlimited fun

The controls are the hardest part of the game, once you master them then its really fun

Zombie Driver is available on Xbox for 800 points, if you buy it and find any downloadable content please let me know. The cool thing about this game is you run over zombies with different kinds of cars and you can equip the cars with all kinds of guns and different ammunition.  You can also upgrade your cars armor, health, and weapons if you earn money. By campaign, you can unlock new cars, then playing the different modes you will earn money to purchase them. Your friends can also race you in the game. Lastly, Slaughter mode is where you simply try to survive!

The Good:

  • Weapons and ramming are way cool
  • The upgrades to the cars are creative
  • Slaughter Mode is my favorite game mode

The Bad:

  • Controls are a little hard to get use to
  • Stopping at a land marker is a bit difficult
  • Killing the boss seems to be way to hard

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